The Naruto Online Recruitment System—The Quickest Method for Collecting Ninjas

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In the Naruto anime series, a capable ninja has a good chance of changing the course of an entire battle. Such is the kind of power ninjas wield. Faithful to the original anime series, Naruto Online features many of your favorite ninjas. Indeed, collecting ninjas is a rather common concern among our players, so let’s go over the ninja recruitment system together.

The recruitment system in Naruto Games Online is the most direct way in which a player can get ninjas. Upon entering the game, find in the lower right corner the Recruitment icon and click on it. Now, you’re going to draw for rewards (recruitment will get you various tools, ninja fragments, and eventually, entire ninjas). Collect up to a required amount of ninja fragments to recruit your ninja.

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Once you enter the recruitment interface, you’ll see within it an embedded Treasure extraction interface. Every treasure chest requires a corresponding scroll in order to unlock. Now, scrolls can be obtained in a number of ways, i.e., via participating in various game events, passing the instances, and purchasing at the Shop. As a player’s level upgrades, the variety of treasures increases. Note that each and every treasure corresponds to a specific ninja.

Once you collect enough of a ninja’s fragments, you can select that ninja from the menu at the bottom of the page to redeem him/her. Note that different ninjas require different numbers of fragments. A general rule of thumb here is higher the quality of a ninja, the more fragments you’ll need in order to redeem him/her. Indeed, collecting fragments is also a good way to increase your ninja’s stars, where the more stars a ninja has means the higher his/her battle capacity.


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