Introduction to the Naruto Online Equipment Enhancement System

In Naruto Online, obtaining and developing equipment is an important pathway to improving a player’s strength. The online naruto games design contains plenty of equipment development methods such as enhancements, upgrades, installing magatamas, refining, etc that can quickly enhance equipment quality and power.
Equipment enhancement is the most basic way to develop your equipment. It can directly elevate its levels and attributes. Enhancement costs coins, and the maximum level of enhancement attainable is equivalent to a character’s current level. To use enhancement, you can either click Enhancement to carry out a one-time operation or click Automatic Enhancement to auto-upgrade all the way to the maximum level as long as you have enough coins.
You can gradually improve your equipment from Genin to higher grades through equipment upgrading. The value-added attributes from upgrading far exceeds that of enhancement. Only, it cost tools to upgrade, so upgrading is viable only when you have the required tools, which must be acquired through instances, events, rewards, and other methods.
Installing a magatama on your equipment can vastly enhance your equipment’s basic attributes. In Naruto games, magatamas are divided into grades 1-9 in terms of quality. Every three magatamas of a kind can be combined to form a higher quality magatama, e.g., three Level-3 magatamas can form one Level-4 magatama. Magatamas are divided into five basic enhancement types based on their attributes: Life, Attack, Defense, Ninjutsu, and Resistance, which correspond to forehead protectors, weapons, armor, scrolls, and accessories, respectively. It’s crucial to follow the correct relationship between magatamas and equipment when installing them.
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