The Naruto Online Version of the “Fortress” System

Ninjas collection, plotline instances, ranked ninja battles…abundant game-playing methods and generous rewards! Join the Game Naruto Online now and enjoy a delightful MMORPG!
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Improving our strength is one of our goals in the game, but there is no free lunch. In Naruto, equipment enhancement, upgrades, installing and synthesizing magatamas all cost massive amounts of resources. Indeed, even the world of ninjas can’t do without money! So, how do we get resources? Well, let’s examine one such method. Via the Home System, we’ll be able to obtain abundant resources.
The Home is one of the specialty systems in mmo naruto online. It activates on Level 19. Click on the Home icon at the lower right corner of the main interface to enter the system.
Currently, there are two missions in Home: 1) Wishing Tree, and 2) the Ninja Mandate Office. Wishing Tree is a cultivation system. Players make the tree grow by watering it. When its growth value reaches a target value, it upgrades. As the tree upgrades, players will reap ever more abundant rewards. Indeed, if we’re the only one watering, the tree will upgrade rather slowly, so a better scenario is to water for a friend and have the friend water for us too in exchange.
The other mission in Home is the Ninja Mission Office. There are three sub-missions concerned here, which we can also delegate to friends. If our friend completes these missions within the required time, we get rewards.
The MMorpg Naruto is now live free! Enter the game now and assemble your own team of ninjas!
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