Update for the Best Attributes! Intro to the Naruto Online Equipment Refining Method

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In Game MMorpg Online, players can continually improve their equipment’s attributes and substantially boost their ninjas’ battle capacity via enhancements, upgrades, magatamas, and various other methods. But what if you’re still not satisfied with the quality of your equipment?
Well, if you want to further improve your equipment’s attributes, you’ll need to use the Naruto Online Equipment Refining System. The “refining” system can affix five kinds of special attributes to your equipment that will noticeably improve its quality: “First attack”, “Critical hit”, “Critical injure”, “Combo”, and “Control”.
However, refinement may not always proceed successfully every time because it has a certain success-failure rate. But, since every refinement procedure accrues 1 Refinement Blessing Value, the higher your accumulated Refinement Blessing Value the higher your success rate will be in the future.
It will cost you some amount of refined runes to refine your equipment. A refined rune can be redeemed from a Ranked Battle Store or directly purchased from a Shop.
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