Introduction to the Naruto Online Arena System

In Naruto Online, actual combat is the best way to test your lineup’s battle strength. The Arena is just the system where you can take your ninjas to do that.
Different from conventional arenas, the one popular of Naruto Games Online arena takes previously recruited ninjas only. But the ninjas are automatically upgraded to Level 100. Indeed, equipment and magatamas are also enhanced at a rate consistent with a player’s current data. In other words, beside equipment and magatama enhancements, the arrangement of your lineup matters too. Thus, players are highly encouraged to collect more ninjas and to diversify their collection of ninjas. Arrange your lineup with good judgment, so that your squad is paired reasonably according to the ninjas’ individual attributes.
Players can raise their standings in the Naruto Online Arena by accumulating wins. Standings are cleared and exchanged for shape-shifting cards and coins at the end of every month. The higher standing you have the more rewards you get.
Here, we’re going to remind everybody that combats in the Arena can either be manually or automatically operated. Most players like to select systems auto-play, but this is actually rather unwise because it lacks strategy and purpose and will unnecessarily drag out your battles. So, anytime you’re running a losing streak in the Arena, we recommend you to try manual operation for a change. Maybe you’ll be pleasantly surprised!
A lineup’s combat capacity is rather important in the world of ninjas. Test your strength in the Naruto Online Arena today!