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The official Naruto game is now live. Enter the game now and build your own ultimate ninja! Fight to stand on the summit in the world of the ninjas! Ninja collection, Team development, MMORPG Game,Equipment enhancement… Abundant cultivation methods. The final showdown between the ninjas. Who is the best?
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Twelve years ago, a nine-tailed demon fox appeared in Konoha. Mighty in physical strength and powerful in ninjutsu, one swipe of his tail alone is enough to cause terrifying devastation to Konoha. Fortunately, one ninja sacrificed his life in an attempt to seal the formidable enemy. Although Nine Tails was successfully sealed in the end, the ninja also lost his life in the process. He is none other than the leader of the Konoha ninjas—The Fourth Hokage.
At the time there was an abandoned newborn, Naruto Uzumaki. He was taken to contain the nine-tailed demon. Devoid of parental care and love, Naruto is always trying to get people’s attention with mischief and pranks. Yet, he is ostracized by the people of Konoha because of his identity. Still wanting to be known, he resolves to become Konoha’s Fifth Hokage. Under Iruka’s encouragement and Kakashi’s guidance, Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura embark on a journey of discipline.
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In the one most popular of Online MMorpg Games, players get to role-play a Konoha genin and to go on an adventure with Naruto. You get to recruit many of the ninjas that appear in the original anime and take them to battle, where the original ninja bonds become apparent via the combo game system. Experience for yourself the thrill of adventures in the world of ninjas and recapture the classic moments of Naruto with a gang of the greatest ninjas.