Learn these Methods and Get Coins the Easy Way

The most popular online MMORPG Naruto is now live. Hundreds of ninjas from the original anime up for grabs. How do you assemble lineups that bring out the best of every ninja? Join the MMORPG Game and try it out!
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As an important resource in equipment upgrading, coins serve an important purpose in improving battle strength. In the game, methods for acquiring coins are relatively limited, so how do we get coins? Well, we’ve organized a handy list for you. Hope it helps!
Method 1: Main Missions in Instances
When carrying out main missions, you’ll often see bags of money and treasure chests scattered on the floor. Make sure you pick them up whenever you see them. Even though a single bag of money may not amount to much, but little things add up quickly. Indeed, completing the mission will get you coins too.
Method 2: Sweep the Instances
Sweeping instances is an excellent way to obtain massive amounts of coins when you need resources to upgrade your equipment.
Method 3: Attack or Sweep the Elite Instances
The Elite Instances are an important resource output center. Aside from the coveted ninja fragments, it also provides coins. Compared to normal instances, the Elite Instance will get you more coins.
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Method 4: The Lucky Wheel in the Group System
Since Game Online MMORPG is an online game, it’s important for players to join a group. Aside from gaining admissions to group events, there are many other benefits such as the Lucky Wheel even. Get coins, Ninja material, magatama and other valuable resources by spinning the Lucky Wheel.
Method 5: Rewards from Ranked Battles
The Ranked Battle is another great way to get coins. You can participate in 5 ranked battles per day. Rewards are mailed out every night at 9 PM via email, regardless of the outcome. But you’ll get extra rewards if you break your own records!