Intro to Naruto Online’s Ranked Ninja Battle System

The Naruto game, Naruto Online, one of the most popular MMORPG online right now, restores the classic plots and characters of the original anime. Collect and upgrade your ninjas among other RPG cultivation methods. Join the Naruto games now and create the best ninja lineup of you can!
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With the introduction of the “Ranked Ninja Battle” event, Naruto Online is now ready for an era of even greater PVP gameplay. Featuring multi-ninja lineups, this event allows players to fully employ all the ninjas they’ve collected in the past via recruitments and elite instances. Those ninjas who were left out of battles because they were considered incompatible with certain main characters will now finally have a chance to see some action and show off their skills. Here in the “Ranked Ninja Battle” event, beside the main character’s matrix, all remaining matrices can be used to create high combo and high output lineup schemes based on the four ninjas who go into battle.
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Ninja trainees can get various rewards by competing with fellow players in the “Ranked Ninja Battle” event. Enter the “Ranked Ninja Battle”UI and randomly generate a number of opponents. You will have 5 chances on Naruto Games Online to battle someone every day. After every battle, you will enter a period of cooldown, after only which lifts can you go into the next battle. Your ranking will rise every time you win and you will be promptly rewarded every time you reach your historic ranking. The system ranks and awards players points and coins accordingly every day at 9 PM. You can use the points and coins in the Ranked Battle Shop. Use them to buy powerful ninja fragments and other rare tools!