Intro to Naruto Online’s Mood System

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The new official online Naruto game is now here! Naruto is an online Naruto game legally authorized by Namco Bandai. It merges card collection, character cultivation and various other game methods in one bundle. You can collect S-level ninjas and upgrade their battle power. Who is the most powerful ninja? Come find out for yourself!
Naruto Online Game is not only faithful to the original plot it is also rich in game content. There’s a system that gets overlooked way too often called the mood system. Every ninja (including the main character) has a mood that a player chooses. Since mood and battle power go hand in hand, players who want to improve their battle power can pay some attention to choosing the right moods.
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There are a total of 21 moods in Naruto Games. Ninjas start “calm” in the beginning. When a ninja is calm, no attribute can be enhanced or diminished. The other 20 moods will all provide some percentage of enhancement in the value of one ability and some percentage of diminishment in the value of another ability.
Players can use meat balls to adjust ninjas’ moods. Every time you click on the refresh button, you will spend one meat ball and randomly get a different mood from that of your current one out of the 20 available moods. That new mood will then effectively replace your current mood. You’ll also be able to upgrade your mood. In the process of upgrading, positive attributes will become higher and higher, maxing out at 20%. Negative attributes will maintain at -5%, so the effect of your upgraded mood will be quite appreciable. Note that mood will cost a certain number of mood scrolls.
Mood scrolls can be purchased in the Shop while meat balls can be acquired via events and/or purchased in the Shop.