[Ninja Profile] Intro to Naruto Online’s Gakido Ninja

In this “Ninja Recruitment” event, we can acquire 2 kinds of ninja fragments: one for Pain’s Gakido and another for Wind Blade Asuma. For the time being, let’s not consider the difficulty of acquiring the ninjas yet. Right now, let’s first focus on analyzing the two ninjas. In this article, we’ll look at Gakido and then we’ll look at Wind Blade Asuma in a different article from Naruto game website.
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Let’s first look at Gakido’s skills.
Sealing Jutsu—Reaper Death Seal
[Prompt] Apply a shield on an ally that’s 80% of on your own base resistance and cancel all debuffs. Then you get immunity to all debuffs for one round.
Taijutsu Attack
Attack the front enemy and maybe cause a triple combo and high float.
Gakido Attack
Chase and attack the enemy and cause taijutsu damage as well as low float. Meanwhile, recover some life for yourself. Can be triggered 2 times per round.
Absorption of Debuffs
Cancel one debuff status for your entire lineup before each action. Can be triggered 2 times per round.
At the beginning of combat, trigger this skill to increase the resistance of your own lineup’s Rinnegan units by 60%. Effective for 3 rounds.
First and foremost, the mystery skill can’t use chakras. There’s no cooldown upon entering the field, and everybody in your lineup gets immunity to all buffs for 1 round. The main purpose of the mystery skill is to cancel all current debuffs, and then, to get immunity against all debuffs for another round. This is basically equivalent to being invincible in round 2 because you’re immune against any sort of debuffs.
Then, counting the mystery skill, you achieve the effect of cancelling two layers of debuffs in one round (Sealing absorption + Debuff absorption). The order debuffs get cancelled is first any limitation debuffs (such as paralysis and acupuncture, etc.), then ignition, then poison, and finally tags.
Gakido can be considered a very powerful auxiliary ninja, as he can counter against various explosive type lineups. For example, he’s a nice choice against Shurado + Konan. Let Gakido apply mystery skill upon entering the field and add tags for your ninjas. Then coordinate with Konan to cause explosive damage. But if you have Gakido on your side, wait until the Animal Path water sprays to apply your Gakido’s mystery skill and to clear all tags. Then you’ll defeat Konan’s output immediately.
Gakido is without a doubt the most useful of all the Pains. It doesn’t matter which lineup on Online naruto game, he is applicable!
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Now, we’ll introduce a fairly high-end Midnight Blade lineup: Midnight Blade + Gakido + Shurado + Jigokudo. Midnight Blade applies Chidori Blade and causes paralysis, Shurado interrupts, Jigokudo adds life and resurrects, and Gakido cancels buffs and applies shields. This fulfillspractically every aspect an excellent lineup should have. Moreover, the position is mid-lower range, which prevents Midnight Blade being taken away in a combo, so that he can cause paralysis in round 2.
Under manual operation, Gakido will apply shield based on who the target of your combo attack is in round 1. For example, if Gakido is receiving a combo, then apply the shield on him, or if position 2’s Midnight Blade is receiving a combo, apply the shield on him. Generally speaking, if you apply a shield, no one will die in round 1. Meanwhile, Shurado can interrupt the opposing lineup’s mystery skill in round 1 or cooperate with Midnight Blade and kill someone. In round 2, Midnight Blade straight up causes paralysis, which breaks the enemy’s combo. If nobody has died by this pointon your side, then you’ve pretty much won. Remark: Your best bet is to have Shurado aim at the ninja directly opposite Midnight Blade in round 1. This is the best way to cooperate with him.
How to Acquire: Participate in the “Ninja Recruitment” event and acquire the keys to unlock treasure chests. Collect points by unlocking the treasures and use them to redeem fragments.