Naruto Uzumaki Lineup in Naruto Online

Lineup 1
Naruto + Killer Bee + Gaara

If you have high battle power among the players in your server, you can consider this lineup: Killer Bee 30% + Gaara 40% + Breeze Dancer 40% = 110% total enhancements. High enhancement Naruto can cause considerable damage whether he uses a standard attack or a mystery skill. Gaara and Killer Bee’s shield can also take quite a lot of damage. This lineup has relatively high standards for refinement. If the barrier skill gets broken or Naruto and Breeze Dancer get controlled, the lineup becomes rather passive.

Game Method
Naruto Uzumaki in Naruto
Round 1: Round 1: Killer Bee adds enhancements on Games Naruto Online. Naruto’s standard attack is already quite impressive as it is, let alone the enhanced version of it. If your target is no other than the ninja in Position 1, you’ll send him directly to heaven (or hell) with this skill.
Round 2: Naruto applies the True Wind Style—Rasen Shuriken and promptly blasts his opponent into oblivion, which is simply the coolest feeling in the world. Even if the opponent doesn’t die, he’ll be in his flesh and hide. Follow with Breeze Dancer.
Round 3: Naruto continues to blast his True Wind Style—Rasen Shuriken. Killer Bee adds enhancements on Naruto.
Round 4: Gaara blasts grenade.
Lineup 2
Naruto + Hanzo + Gaara

If you think Lineup 1 is too explosive, then try this one: Gaara 40% + Breeze Dancer Enhancements 40% = 80% total enhancements. Although you now have 30% less in total enhancements, but you get Hanzo’s posion, ignition, and buff-cancelling effects, so your damage will actually by no means be any less than that of Lineup 1. Indeed, it might even be higher. Moreover, having buff-cancelling increases your rate of error-toleration. Take advantage of your poison and ignition. This is especially useful against a Gagido and Root of Warrior lineup.

Game Method
Round 1: Hanzo releases poison.
Round 2: Naruto applies the Rasen Shuriken. Breeze Dancer adds enhancements. Hanzo continues to apply poison.
Round 3: Naruto applies the Rasen Shuriken in game, and the round will be pretty much done.
Round 4: Gaara acts.
Lineup 3
Naruto + Hanzo + Ao

If you by some misfortune don’t have Gaara, then I recommend this lineup: your only enhancement will be wind enhancement, so just a miserly 40%. But, but, but, you have Ao now, so you’ll never have to worry about getting shot gunned for first attack. This lineup doesn’t have high requirements for refinement. Use control as your main flow. Output will be somewhat lower for sure, so you’ll need to fight for multiple rounds in order to successfully take out a Root of Warrior and Gakido team.

Game Method
Round 1: Hanzo causes poison. Wait until the enemy’s Position 1 applies standard attack and after their buff-cancelling ninja moves to apply Ao’s skill on their Position
Round 2: Naruto applies the first attack on the enemy’s buff-cancelling ninja and cause acupuncture and immobility on him/her. Breeze Dancer then applies enhancements. Then, depending on the situation, Ao applies his skill on the enemy’s main output ninja. (If Ao’s clones gets wiped out by the enemy with AOE in Round 2, Hanzo can add output with poison.)
Round 3: Naruto applies the first attack on the ninja in the last position. Use AOE to take out their buff-cancelling ninja. If their buff-cancelling ninja still has a good amount of life left, then just continue attacking him until he’s kaput.
Round 4: All skills go into cooldown in this round, but because of your poison, your opponent’s life will be about finished. Moreover, Ao’s acupuncture can go on for 3 rounds. They’re already under the effect of acupuncture in this round, so if you have the same battle power, just applying standard attack alone will finish them.
Round 5: Naruto applies first attack. Hanzo causes poison, and Breeze Dancer adds enhancements.
Although the Naruto in this age of the Fifth Hokage doesn’t have too many outstanding attributes, but he can still have nice outputs with the cooperation of Breeze Dancer’s enhancements. Moreover, he can take up the tank position quite seamlessly with his high life and high life clones, in other words, a pretty well-rounded ninja.