Naruto Game:Naruto Online’s Aburame Shino

We would like to recommend Naruto Online, the online Naruto Game of 2016, a must-play of online MMORPG fans. Adapted from the Naruto anime, the game recreates a large amount of content from the original works. You will not be disappointed!
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Aburame Shino is a character from the Japanese anime Naruto. A Konoha chunin from the land of fire, he’s in the same graduating class as Naruto and an 8th edition ninja student like Inuzuka Kiba and Hyuga Ninata led by Huuyi Kurenai. Calm and collected disposition, verbose, and rather powerful, he can use his body as a nest for bugs and control them in battle.
Aburame Shino is rather rational, talks coolly, and doesn’t readily reveal his feelings. His hobby is in collecting bugs. Whenever he has time, he would go watch and catch bugs. These traits don’t exactly make him very popular, so a lot of people don’t want to team up with him. But just because he is eccentric doesn’t mean he isn’t responsible. This is apparent from the way very few members of his teammates get hurt whenever he is carrying out a mission. Indeed, he often gets chosen as team leader because he is keen and naturally tuned into what others think. Moreover, he has strong tendencies toward mysticism. In fact he becomes almost entirely masqueraded by part 2, so much so that no one, sometimes not even Online Naruto Game, can tell his identity.
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Shino (Shonen Articles) Skill Introduction
Ground Insect
[Prompt] Cause ninjutsu damage to the selected enemy as well as knockdown and recover a certain amount of life.
Beetle Sphere
Attack the front enemy and maybe cause a triple combo as well as interruption of your enemy’s skill.
Parasitic Destruction
The lower the chakra points of your enemy, the higher Shino‘s ninjutsu attack and resistance potential.
Insect Body
Shino raises defense and when receiving taijutsu damage extracts 10 chakra points from the attacker.