The Ninjas of Naruto Online—Tenten

Naruto Online is an exceedingly fun online MMORPG. Rich in game methods, you can ollect hundreds of ninjas and create your favorite lineups fit to their various attributes and skills. Participate in instance challenges and compete with other players PVP style.
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A pink qipao for an outfit, hair in traditional buns, excellent with various kinds of ninja tools, do you remember the girl in Chinese style from Naruto? That’s Tenten! In Online naruto game, and vibrant as always, Tenten shows formidable power!
Like Neji and Rock Lee, Tenten is also on Might Guy’s Team 3. Well trained in taijutsu and attacks using ninja tools, the scroll she carries on her at all times can summon all sorts of ninja tools for attack. Likes to study, likes to take care of others, likes to tease Lee and Guy’s excessively enthusiastic demeanor.
Many years after the end of the Fourth Shinobi World War, Tenten and other ninjas of Konoha opened a ninja tool shop called “Ninja’s Tool Notes.” The store has on permanent display the Sage of Six Paths’treasured item. But since Konoha has been at peace since the war, business hasn’t been exactly ideal.
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Tenten (Shonen Articles) Skills Introduction no Naruto online games
Ninja Tool—Million Blade Chaos
[Prompt] Cause ninjutsu and taijutsu damage as well as a high combo to the entire enemy lineup
Taijutsu Attack
Attack the front enemy and maybe cause a 4 combo as well as knockdown
Double Rising Dragon
Can be triggered in a combo no less than 10. Cause taijutsu damage and critical hit to 2 random units in the enemy lineup
Critical Hit
Increase Tenten’s own critical hit rate and damage