Intro to Naruto Online’s Ninjas:Neji

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Hyuga Neji is a very popular character from the Naruto anime. He’s also one of the most useful ninjas in Naruto Online. The only catch is he’s a little hard to acquire. Let’s take a look at his data.
Neji is a Konoha Jonin from the Land of Fire and a member of Might Guy’s Team 3. His teammates are Rock Lee and Tenten. Konoha is home to the sects of the long standing Hyuga clan, including that of Neji’s and his cousin Hyuga Hinata’s. Known as the genius of the Huygas, even with a capped Kekkei Genkai ability, he can apply powerful taijutsu skills such as the Eight-Trigrams Palm Rotation through sheer talent alone.
After losing out to Naruto in the Chunin exams, he changed his views in regard to the fate of Naruto and himself. Actually, he stopped believing in fate altogether and came to reconcile with the other sect of his family.
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In the Fourth Shinobi World War of Naruto game online, Neji sacrificed his own life in order to save Naruto and Hinata from Ten-Tails by shielding them with his own body.
Neji (Shonen Articles) Skill Introduction
Gentle Fist—Eight Trigrams Sixty-Four Palms
[Prompt] Cause ninjutsu and taijutsu damage to the selected enemy as well as acupuncture and repulsion. The repulsed enemy units will cause damage to the rear rank.
Taijutsu Attack
Attack the front enemy and maybe cause a triple combo as well as high float.
Eight Trigrams Palm Rotation
Increase dodge rate against standard attacks by 20%. Cause a small amount of damage to your enemies whenever you successfully dodge an attack.
Significantly increase your dodge rate at the beginning of combat. Your enemy can only target your first rank in standard attacks. Effective for 1 round.