Konan Recommended Lineups in Naruto Online

Lineup 1
Summoning Jutsu—Rhinoceros
This lineup is pretty obvious. Depending on Midnight Blade’s chakras, you can apply Nagato and Konan’s mystery in round 1 (you can apply mystery after breaking through Konan’s skill after Nagato applies mystery). Old Violet gets first attack in round 2 in Naruto game.
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Strengths: not afraid of the Black Flight lineup. Midnight Blade has lightning armor’s immunity and therefore will not get tagged. Old Violet is immune by birth. Moreover, Konan beautifully evades 1 standard attack from Black Flight after breaking through. Since Nagato has Konan’s shield and natural tank attributes, Black Flight’s standard attack doesn’t have much influence on him. Nagato can also cancel a buff at his turn.
Weaknesses: Old Violet begins round and may not be able to cause a 30 combo depending on the numbers he is facing. For instance, if he is facing 5 Tails, he will probably fail to cause a 30 combo.
Recommended Lineup 2:

Summoning Jutsu–

In round 1, use Scarlet Blaze’s newly refreshed mystery skill and Konan’s shield. This will guarantee your survival in round 1. Then apply Itachi’s barrier and bomb with Konan’s mystery still in round 1, or wait until round 2 to bomb together with Deidara’s mystery. You can’t die in round 1 anyway.
We recommend using this lineup in group battles. It’s also alright in actual combat, depending on your taste. For players who are into individual combats, sub Deidara in place of Gaara. Choose the following talents for your lineup.
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Summon a Kyushoku Deer in Online Naruto Game. If possible, summon a Kirin! Some people ask why so there are so few combos. It’s because Scarlet Blaze and Itachi have very high first attacks under the enhancement of the Hidden Jutsu. They can cause quite a lot of damage in round 1. Gaara’s mystery essentially causes immobility to 3 enemy units, which is acceptable. Konan can then apply his mystery skill in round 3. Generally speaking you should be able to pass.