Naruto Hashirama Senju – Recommended Lineups


Summoning Jutsu: Eight Span Bird

Lineup Analysis:
Midnight Blade can choose the lightning armor. Select his position based on his own needs. If necessary, he can switch places with Killer B.
Killer B and the First Hokage cooperates. This will cause immobility to 2 enemy units in round 1. If you follow with Position 3’s skill, you have a great chance of causing the immobility effect to carry over into round 2, which means you’ll get the advantage of attacking first, the premise being that the First Hokage doesn’t receive acupuncture or chaos in Game online mmorpg.
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The First Hokage will greatly enhance Sasuke’s attributes, put up a barrier, and apply a high output mystery skill. If Midnight Blade selects lightning enhancement as his talent, the damage and output will be even more impressive.
Actual Lineup Operation
Round 1: First determine whether your opponent will apply chaos or acupuncture in round 1, so that you can decide when to apply the First Hokage’s barrier. Coordinate with Killer B’s mystery skill and cause immobility on 2 enemy units to in round 1.
Round 2: Selectively apply Sasuke’s mytery skill based on who the First Hokage selects as the target of his immobility effect in round 1 as well as where your enemy is positioned. If the first row is non-armored, and Sasuke applies his mystery skill on the first row, then he’ll cause repulsion and substantial damage. Cooperate with your other ninjas to cause harvest.
Round 3: Enter harvest mode.
Lineup COMBO
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Compared to Midnight Blade’s lineup, this is more plebian. Sennin Naruto has already been acquired a long time ago. Presumably so has everybody else.

The idea is generally still in the same vein as before. Only now mystery output Sasuke has been replaced by Sennin Naruto. This is the order of enhancements: the First Hokage applies a barrier, followed by his passive skill, Killer B applies passive skill, causing wind enhancement.
Indeed, the damage from Sennin Naruto’s standard attack is impressively high when his clones are present. Coordinate with Azure Fang to cause a high output and achieve the effect of harvest. Coordinate with the First Hokage to cause interruption and control.
The basic idea behind the lineup:
Round 1: The same as Midnight Blade’s lineup. Get a good grasp on the First Hokage’s mystery skill.
Round 2: Sennin Naruto opens the round. Follow with a series of chase and attack. Azure Fang refreshes. Killer B applies mystery on Sennin Naruto.
Round 3: Sennin Naruto harvests again. Battle quickly ends.
Tips for using the First Hokage:
Hold back from applying a barrier right at from the start. Be careful about which position you put him in. Don’t put him opposite Midnight Blade. Coordinate with the First Hokage in group battles to bring about maximal group benefits.