Naruto Online’s Six Paths of Pain—Jikokudo

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Naruto Online’s Six Paths of Pain—Jikokudo
The Six Paths of Pain is a very popular ninja organization in Naruto Online. The Six Paths is the general name of the six corpses controlled by Nagato, the leader of the Akatsuki. Every Pain has the ability to use one of the systems: Tendo, Ningendo, Shurado, the Animal Path, Gakido, and Jikokudo, of which Tendo is the core. They all have the ability to share their visions, cooperate with each other and cope well with attacks. Today we will introduce Jikokudo.
Jikokudo is the corpse controlled by Nagato using the black rod. He used to be the leader of an unnamed religion and is in charge of regenerating troops whenever a Pain dies in the anime.
Resurrect the selected friend’s lineup and recover its life based on Pain Jikokudo’s resistance.
Double Healing Jutsu
Heal 2 taijutsu ninjas with the lowest life in your lineup and disperse 2 of their debuffs.
Judgement of Hell King
Chase and attack the low floated enemy and cause knockdown. This skill can be triggered 2 times per round.
Soul Absorption
Recover 20 chakra points and 10% of life every time a unit dies. This skill can be triggered at most 6 times per round.
Increase the defense for all rinnegan units in your lineup by 60%. The effect will persist for 3 rounds.
Six Paths of Pain
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