Game Lineup: The Beast Kill Formation

Lineup: The Beast Kill Formation
Lineup Transformation:

Talents: Chidori Blade—Shadow, Beam of Light, Lightning Sword, Killing Intention of Warrior, Root of Warrior

Summons: Flood Dragon and/or Dog of Hell. If you don’t have them, you can substitute you passive skills with Lai Giri Decapitation and use Summoning Jutsu—Rhino (or some other purple summon).

Lineup explained:

Not the same as using Yamanaka’s set of lineups because this set doesn’t have the shield at the beginning of the round. Damage increases (The character is Mifune, and Hidan increases attack by 30%). The damage of Hidan’s mystery skills also increases (The Killing Intention of Warrior by 40% + Barrier by 40 % + Kendo by 30% = 110% of total enhancements). Additionally, Mifune’s mystery skills also cause a complete set of combo control on the opponent (although it’s not as great as the other set of lineups because once Danzo becomes controlled or paralyzed, then you’ll have no way of causing controls or chase and attacks. Thus, on the whole, this is a weaker set of lineups than that of Yamanaka’s). Now, cancel your target ninja’s buffs. Although, you have slightly weaker survival power than in the last lineup, your output power is now much greater. In other words, each lineup has its own merits.
Remark: this is for your reference only because there will be considerable variance depending on your opponent):
Round 1: standard attacks straight up will do, can’t apply skills (if Mifune is the one under question, let Danzo apply mystery skills on him to save him, so that he wouldn’t die in Round 1)
Round 2: Hidan applies mystery skills on the enemy unit with the least blood. Target someone who can be taken out with mystery skills in Naruto games online. Now, let Hidan refresh by cooling down. If you have enough chakras, let Mifune apply mystery skills and cancel your opponent’s buffs or shields.
Round 3: Midnight Blade gets first attack and controls 1 enemy unit (usually select your opponent’s mystery skill ninja or control type ninja as your target). Let Hidan apply his skills when the time is right. Continue to target the low hanging fruits that can be taken out for certain. Refresh by cooling down.
Remark: If Danzo’s mystery skills are normal, apply them on Hidan depending on the situation (because Hidan’s life will return to the 80% mark).
Lineup and Talent Transformation:
Hidan’s output and your attack is intimately correlated with your enemy’s defense attributes. In the case when you and your opponent’s battle power are on a par from actual PVP testing, you can pass using lineup 1 when your opponent’s life is below 60% or pass using lineup 2 when your opponent’s life is below 75%. If Hidan’s output isn’t enough to take out 1 enemy unit in Round 2, you can switch Midnight Blade’s mystery skills with lightning attribute Guy. Damage 1 unit in Round 1, and then finish him off with Hidan in Round 2.
If you think Midnight Blade is too easy a target (this kind of situation is most common when you choose lineup 2), you can place Hidan in position 1 (though personally I would recommend placing Hidan in Row 2 in position 2 for two reasons. One is that the reaction time is longer, so that it’s easier to cope with, as position 1 might easily miss the mystery skills because Hidan’s non-mystery skills can’t time very well). The other reason is because Hidan’s output is higher.