Intro to Naruto Online’s Jonin—Asuma Sarutobi

Naruto Online is a deeply loved game. You can collect your favorite ninjas, experience
Naruto Online is a beloved game. You can collect your favorite characters, experience classic anime plots, characters, scenes, ninjutsu, mystery have all been completely restored to the original. If you like the Naruto online game, this is the game for you!
In the Japanese anime Naruto Game, Sarutobi Asuma is the son of the Third Generation Hokage, the uncle of Maru Konoha. Used to be one of “The Twelve Guardian Ninjas“, he became the teacher of Team 10’s Neji, Ino, and Shikamaru. Asuma has the very rare wind attribute chakra. In the anime plot, Naruto used to consult Asuma on how to use the wind chakra. Naruto only has a shuriken, but Asuma’s wind attribute knife penetrates trees and crush giant rocks. Strength is quite powerful. In actuality, Asuma is second to none as a join.
Let us introduce Asuma’s skills:
Mystery—Flying Swallow: [Prompt] Cause wind attribute damage and knockdown to your enemy. No consumption or cooling down when you have more than 70 chakras.
Standard Attack—Taijutsu Attack: Attack the front enemy and maybe trigger a triple combo and cause repulsion.
Passive 1—Courage: Your chakras increase by 20 points at the beginning of battle.
Passive 2—Fire Style-Burning Ash: Chase and attack the repulsed enemy and cause knockdown and blindness.
Passive 3—Chakra Blade: When you have 20 chakra points, increase your ninjutsu and combo rate by 1% for every additional chakra point you get.
Many of Asuma’s skills can only cause damage and effect when you have chakras. But defense is pretty low. If you don’t have any front row ninja to take the damage, Asuma will be easily killed. It is therefore recommended to place your tanks in the front row.