Naruto Online Auxiliary Ninja—Kurenai Yuuhi

Naruto Online is a contents rich MMORPG. Levels upgrading is very important in the game. Don’t worry if progress is slow in the beginning, because you only need to complete main missions to get character experience and to upgrade.


Kurenai Yuuhi is a particularly outstanding girl ninja in the Japanese anime Games online naruto. The captain of Team 8, the teacher of Shino, Inuzuka Kiba, Hinata Hyuna, the lover of Asuma Sarutobi. Her most prominent characteristic is a headful of black curls and a pair of red eyes. Kurenai Yuuhi can employ various kinds of genjutsu using this pair of eyes.

Intro to Kurenai’s skills in Naruto Online:

Mystery Skill—Genjutsu—Mirror: [Prompt] Recover life for selected friends and apply a shield with 50% of your own resistance.

Standard Attack—Taijutsu Attack: Attack the front enemy and maybe cause a triple combo and knockdown.

Passive 1—Chakra Absorption: Get 50% of the chakras your enemy spends every time their chakra skill

Passive 2—Genjutsu Rosy Clouds: Chase and attack the knocked down enemy and cause repulsion. The repulsed enemy will cause damage to the rear rank.

Passive 3—Genjutsu Mirror Return: Transfer the first debuff you receive in each round to an enemy’s body.


Ninja Analysis:
From Kurenai’s skills, she should be an auxiliary ninja. She can transfer ignition, paralysis and other effects unto an enemy’s body. Selecting the appropriate time and position is key to making the most of her skills. If you select automatic combat, it would be too easy to set up a shield for a ninja with full life. Therefore, we recommend you to operate manually. Kurenai will achieve amazing effect when used in combination with ninjas such as Kakashi, Asuma, and Guy. These ninjas have high damage and relatively lower defense. With Kurenai’s cooperation, they will have even better continuous output ability.