Naruto OL, introduction to ninja Sai

At present, there are many online MMPORPG games but the restoration for the characters, scenes and plots is much less than our expectations. Naruto OL is a  MMORPG game based on the cartoon Naruto and is authorized by Bandai NAMCO. If you like anime game, please have a try.
Sai is a task-oriented character in Japanese cartoon Naruto and belongs to Anbu special troop – root of Konoha. He has been trained as a tool for killing people since his childhood and knows nothing except his tasks. Heartless as he is, he is good at drawing especially ink paint and can make the objects in the picture become real. When he joined Kakashi’s team at the beginning, he could not get well along with Sakura and Naruto. However, with the help of Naruto, he gradually recalls the memories with his brother and regards it as the best time in his life. Therefore, he rebels the tasks and decides to help Naruto bring Sasuke back.

Naruto OL, introduction to ninja Sai
Introduction to Sai’s skills:
Mystery – Super Beast Scroll-Raging Lion [Prompt]:  Summon 2 Super Beast Imitation Drawing – lions to fight for you. The lion is capable of a standard attack.
Standard – Taijutsu Attack: Attacks the front enemy and has a chance of Triple Combo and to cause Knockdown.
Passive 1 – Super Beast Scroll – Falconry: Chase and Atatck the Knocked Down enemy and cause Repulse.
Passive 2- Super Beast Scroll – Armor Collection: With at least 2 lions in the field, replace standard attack and cause Ninjutsu damage and High Float.
Chase – Anbu Camouflage Tactic: Have five attributes, including Water, Wind, Lightning, Earth and Fire, at to protect you from skills.

sai and naruto
Sai can summon two lions with less HP and conduct standard attack. Besides, he can create high float with Sasuke as long as the lions are alive. Passive camouflage can get bonus for attributes. For example, if a fire main launches a Fire Style, Sai could increase the BUFF for it. Generally speaking, he is a common ninja with useful attributes and easy to obtain. He can increase a lot of attributes when combo with multiple BUFF ninjas.