The Elite Medic Naruto Online Kabuto Yakushi Character Information

Naruto Online, one of the top MMORPG games of 2016 has launched! It’s an online game that includes original, classic characters from the manga such as the Five Kages, the Six Paths of Pain, and Itachi Uchiha! Collect over 100 ninjas and play through the entire plot of the manga! Don’t miss it!
Kabuto Yakushi is an important villian in Naruto Games Online. He was invited by Orochimaru to join the Village Hidden in the Sound and spy on Konoha. Later, after he was sealed by Orochimaru, he pretended to be him while looking for his true self, earning Orochimaru’s skills. He’s also able to use sage mode and is quite a powerful ninja.
Kabuto Skill Description: :
Mystery Skill – Dead Soul Jutsu: [Instant] Summons 2 dead souls with attributes based on the users. They also have the features of Sound Ninja.
Basic Attack Skill: Double Healing Jutsu: Cures 2 ninja with the lowest life from own team and disperses 1 [Status Effect] on the target.
Passive Skill 1 – Chakra Scalpel: [Pursuit] and [Knockdown] the enemy, creating [Dafuko] and a definite critical hit.
Passive Skill 2 – Pre-Healing Jutsu: When Kabuto enters the battle, 10% of the damage taken by Sound Ninja on the team will be healed.
Pursuit – Human Experiment: Before each move, inflicts a small amount of damage on curse mark ninjas of the user’s team. Can be used twice per round.
Let’s look over Kabuto’s skills. Kabuto’s mystery skill can summon two clones who don’t use too much energy and can launch normal attacks in Games naruto. His normal attack can heal two people and remove a status effect. His passive Pre-Healing effect can double so he’s good paired with other medical ninjas. Human Experiment causes light damage to teammates to increase Kaubto’s ninjutsu. The more damage they take, the higher the ninjutsu bonuses. All in all, Kabuto doesn’t have a very high strength, but as a medical ninja, he’s very useful in training and survival modes. It’s recommended to try and collect him.