Gaara-The Defensive Powerhouse Character Information

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Gaara is a character from the Japanese anime, Naruto. He’s the Fifth Kazekage of the Village Hidden in the Sand in the Land of Wind. He was feared as a child since the One Tail was sealed in his body. Gaara also became emotionless since he was betrayed by the people closest to him. He likes to kill, but since fighting with Naruto, he gradually freed himself from his inner demons and became the Fifth Kazekage, ruling over and protecting the Village Hidden in the Sand. Gaara’s best features are that he can launch wide ranged attacks and has a defense. He has two types of sand. One type is the sand in his gourd that was created from his dead parents which automatically protects him. Another type is the sand nearby him that he uses chakra to turn into his personal weapon.
garra and naruto
In the plot of the anime, Gaara’s defense was called the strongest. In Naruto games online, Gaara is a very defensive character. His skills are outlined below.
Mystery Skill –  Prison Sand Burial: Cause heavy ninjutsu damage to the entire enemy camp.
Basic Skill: Sand Shower: Attacks the enemy in front with a certain probability of launching a triple combo and [Dafuko].
Passive Skill 1 – Super Armor: Immune to [Safuko], [Dafuko], [Repulse] and [Knockdown].
Passive Skill 2: Sand Coffin: [Pursuit] and [Dafuko] the enemy. Can be used twice per round.
Pursuit – Sand Shield: Before each move, create a shield based on Gaara’s own resistance. Can be used twice per round.
Super Armor is a passive skill that determines Gaara’s position in lineups – a front defensive ninja. Gaara is especially valuable to new players.