Shizune Character Introduction in naruto online

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Shizune is a character in the Japanese anime Naruto. Shizune is one of Tsunade’s disciples above Sakura Haruno. She has a reserved, kind, and gentle personality, b ut she worries easily. She’s often bullied by Tsunade. When Tsunade decided to help Orochimaru, Shizune bravely blocked her even though she knew her abilities couldn’t compare to hers. Shizune is also very considerate. Not wanting Naruto to mistunderstand Tsunade, she explained her past to him. She’s also willing to be a Tsunade’s “babysitter” and look after her. Shizune is good at medical ninjutsu and inherited the Tsunade’s will as a medical ninja.
Shizune’s Ninja Skill Descriptions in Games online naruto:
Mystery Skill – Ninja Art: Poison Mist: [Instant] Unleash poison mist at the entire enemy team, also inflicts [Poison]. [Poison] can be stacked.
Basic Attack Skill – Palm Sage Jutsu: Heal the ninja with the lowest health on the team and remove two negative status effects from oneself.
Passive Skill 1 – Chakra Scalpel – Poison: [Pursuit] and [Knockdown] the enemy, causing [Dafuko] and [Poison].
Passive Skill 2 – Medical Professional: Damage caused to enemies with negative status effects by Shizune is greatly increased.
Pursuit – Medical Experience: Healing effects of ninjas on the team are increased by 25% (can be stacked with the Medical Professional skill of other ninjas).
In the game, Shizune’s skills are similar to that of Azure Fang, so they’re best paired together. You can use a lineup of Tsunade, Sakura, Azure Fang, and Shizune.