Naruto Online Mysterious Cave: Canyon of River Country

So I noticed there was a boulder that can be broken within the Canyon of River Country in online Naruto games. Once broken it reveals a cave “Mysterious Cave”.
cave online naruto game
Note: You need a ninja “Capable of Rubble” I happened to have Tenten in my team when I first clicked it (she apparently has Rubble). At a guess, Rubble is denoted by this icon  both Tenten and Lee have it (and after testing, Lee is also able to use Rubble on the boulder).
If you do not have a ninja capable of Rubble you will get a notification message at the top of the screen saying so.
As far as I can tell the cave is empty, however it may be that you require a specific ninja in the team to see something in there. I tried putting both Hinata and Neji in my team, since they are the obvious choice for trying to see something.
So if there is some puzzle here, I am stuck with it and wondering if any of you lovely people have noticed this place/gotten any further or just have any more information on it.
Canyon of River Country:
Mysterious Cave Mini-Map:
Location of Boulder/Cave Entrance:  (I’m standing at the entrance)
The boulder before using Rubble:
The boulder after using Rubble:
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