Naruto RPG Is Kankuro Worth Training?

kankuro mmorpg online
The most awaited online MMORPG game, Naruto Online has launched! This game includes tons of methods for training and battling! You can collect your favorite ninjas, use mysterious skills, and follow Naruto in becoming the Hokage! Come join us, find likeminded partners, and fight to protect the peace of the Ninja World!
Kankuro is a male character in the Japanese anime Naruto. He’s the son of the fourth Kazekage in the Village Hidden in the Sand of Wind Country, Temari’s younger brother, and Gaara’s older brother. He’s a ninja skilled at using puppets. He wears a black jumpsuit and has purple lines painted across his face. He has new puppet skills each time he appears. Kankuro is good at strategy but is sometimes also impulsive. He, along with his sister Temari were quite scared of their strong, violent younger brother at the beginning of the anime. Later, as Gaara’s temperament changed, Kankuro worked hard to get along with him and their relationship showed continual improvement.
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Kabuto Ninja Skill Descriptions:
[Mystery Skill] Puppet Theater – [Instant] Generate 1 puppet which replaces the original one.
[Basic Attack] Taijutsu Attack – Attack the opponent in front of the user and inflict [Poison].
[Passive Skill 1] Puppet Art – When the user has them, puppets replace normal attacks and cause physical damage as well as [Safuko] and [Poisoning] to the front enemy targets.
[Passive Skill 2] Poison Body – Those who attack this ninja with taijutsu will be be inflicted with [Poison].
kankuro mmorpg game
Kankuro’s main ability is working with puppets. When Kankuro battles using puppets, he can inflict float on the user in game MMORPG online. From this point of view, he works well when paired with Temari and Gaara. Additionally, when Kankuro attacks or is attacked, enemies are inflicted with poison. If his ninjutsu is given time to be built up, his destructive power is quite strong.
However, there aren’t many main characters who are paired well with Kankuro, so if you want your ninja team to achieve high combos, add in extra characters who work well with mains.