Udon and Moegiand Konohamaru Ninja Information

In Konoha of the Japanese manga Naruto, there was once a 3 member team of cute ninjas known as the Konohamaru Corps. The successors of Team Ebisu, the three members, Udon, Moegi, and Konohamaru are both funny and endearing. Udon is pretty adorable. He wears very large glasses and seems a bit out of it. He often looks listless and his nose is usually running. His personality is just like his appearance. He’s shy and often gets scared when Moegi bullies Konohamaru.
Udon and Moegiand Konohamaru Ninja Information
Naruto Online is the hottest online MMORPG game! Loved by fans of Naruto, the game offers multiple ways of training! You can collect and train your own ninjas, enter the Great Ninja War and fight against other players! In Naruto Online, Udon has turned into a ninja skilled at water ninjutsu. His skills can be seen below.
Udon’s Ninja Skills:
[Mystery Skill] Water Style – Water Gun: Damage the selected enemy and hit with [Dafuko].
[Basic Attack] Beating: Attack the front enemy with certain probability of [Dafuko] and slipping without causing damage.
[Passive Skill] Udon Combo: [Pursuit] and [Knockdown] the enemy.
udon-ninja naruto game
Konohamaru, Udon, and Moegi have been called the cutest group Online Naruto games. In looking at Udon’s skills, it can be seen that he isn’t strong at all and there are no highlights in his attacks. Therefore, it can be concluded that he’s not very useful and is a ninja who can simply be collected.