How to Pair Deidara in Lineups – Naruto Online

I’ve played a lot of different Naruto games. Out of those, I think the ones with cards suit me the most because I like to collect and train all types of ninjas. Collecting different cards is the funnest part of this game! I’m playing Naruto OL. In the game, there are a lot of ways to train the ninjas.
How to Pair Deidara in Lineups - Naruto Online
Deidara is a character in the Naruto anime. He’s a member of Akatsuki and is represented by the character for blue and green. Deidara was originally the apprentice of the Third Tsuchikage, Onoki in the Village Hidden in the Stone of Earth Country. He also trained with Kurotsuchi. Deidara is a very violent person. To prove his artistic skills when he was little, he took on many missions involving terror attacks. Later, due he was defeated by Itachi Uchiha and joined Akatsuki. He loves the phrase, “Art is an Explosion!”
Deidara has a strange body. Both of his hands have mouths, and by mixing regular clay with chakra, he can create exploding clay. On his upper left chest, he has a seal with a larger mouth that can be used to blow himself up. His regular mouth can also be used to create exploding clay. He likes instant art and therefore loves explosions!
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Naruto Games Deidara Skill Introduction:
[Mystery Skill Detonating Clay – Big Art: [Instant] Cause a large amount of ninjutsu damage to all selected enemies and those who are [Ignited].
[Basic Skill] Detonating Clay – Bird: Attack the front enemy with a certain chance of a triple combo and [Ignition].
[Passive Skill 1] Dynamite Art: When hit with ninjutsu damage, Deidara’s ninjutsu increases by 4%.
[Passive Skill 2] Linked Dynamite: Before the first action of each round, [Ignites] one enemy at random.
[Pursuit] Detonating Clay – Two Winged Bird Triggered by a combo of 10 or more, attack at random 2 members of the enemy team and cause [Ignition].
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