The Cutie of the Konohamaru Corps Naruto OL How to Use Moegi

There’s a pretty cool MMORPG game called Naruto OL. I’ve already played it for a while. The five main characters in the game were designed by Masashi Kishimoto and represent the five elements of water, earth, fire, wind, and lightning. I like the lightning main most – his skills are strong and he’s cool!
Moegi ninja
In Konoha of the Japanese manga, Naruto, there was once a 3 member team of cute ninjas known as the Konohamaru Corps. The successors of Team Ebisu, the three members, Udon, Moegi, and Konohamaru are both funny and endearing. Moegi is the only female ninja in the group, and like Sakura, she has a violent side. She once beat up Konohamaru who used Sexy Jutsu: Onnanoko-Tachi Jutsu. She was once thought to be the successor of Tsunade’s brute strength by Jiraiya, but for some reason, at such a young age she was unable to resist Sexy Jutsu: Otokonoko-Tachi Jutsu. Her catchphrase is “All adults must hide from Moegi,” through which you can see her violent disposition.
online Moegi ninja
In Naruto Games, Moegi has turned into a ninja skilled at earth ninjutsu. Her skills can be seen below.
Moegi’s Ninja Skills:
[Mystery Skill] Earth Style – Rock Piece: Cause earth damage to the selected enemy and [Safuko].
[Basic Skill] Beating: Attack the front enemy with certain probability of [Safuko] and slipping but causes no damage.
[Passive Skill] Moegi Shuriken: [Pursuit] and [Dafuko] against the enemy.
Moegi is the cute member of the three member Konohamaru Corps. Her mystery and basic skills aren’t very useful and she only has one passive skill, so normally she doesn’t get put into many lineups. However, as such a cute ninja, she’s not a bad choice for collecting!