Sasori Character Information in Naruto MMO

I’d like to recommend a fun game to everyone, it’s called Naruto OL. The scenes in it are well done and there are lots of ways to play. A lot of the content has been adapted from the Naruto anime, but the most important thing is the game doesn’t take up too much time! It’s an most popular of Naruto games online – you can even open it up and play while you’re working!
Sasori Character Information
Sasori is a character in the Japanese anime Naruto. He’s a member of Akatsuki and is represented by the character for jade. Known as a genius puppet creator, Sasori of the Red Sand is the grandson of advisor Chiyo in the Sand Ninja Village in the Country of Wind. When he was young, his parents were killed by the White Fang of Konoha on a mission, causing him to feel lonely. Later, he learned puppet ninjutsu under Chiyo’s guidance. He once created mother and father puppets to accompany him.
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Sasori Skill Description:
[Mystery Skill] Iron Sand: World Order: When the battle starts and the mystery skill is used, the Third Kazekage puppet is summoned. When the puppet is already on the battlefield, wind damage is dealt to up to 9 enemies and causes [Paralysis]. Selected enemies are effected by [Knockdown].
[Basic Skill] Full Body Rest: Sasori cures himself and removes all [Negative Status Effects].
[Passive Skill 1] Iron Sand World Method – Five Inch Needle: When there are puppets, normal attacks are replaced and cause [Dafuko] and [Poison].
[Passive Skill 2] Iron Claw: Causes [Pursuit] and [Knockdown] to the enemy as well as [Safuko] and [Poison].
[Pursuit] Secret Red Move – Puppet Restoration Cures all the puppets on the user’s team before the first move of every round.
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In lineups, Sasori is best paired with mildly defensive and offensive characters. His pairings are actually pretty simple in games online Naruto.
Lineup 1: Sasori, Hidan, Kakuzu
In the beginning of the game, this lineup is very strong. Near the middle, it has a lot of output but also has limitations.
Lineup 2: Lightning Main, Sasori, Zabuza, Guy
In this lineup, Sasori is the defensive character.
Lineup 3: Fire Main, Sasori, Zabuza, Wind Blade Asuma
A lineup that causes a lot of damage from pursuit. The enemy can be killed instantly through combos.