Konohamaru Ninja Infor in Naruto MMO Anime

We’re bonded by friendship! This is a classic line from the Naruto anime. Enter the online MMORPG game, a complete roster of anime characters and the greatest skills are waiting for you to experience them!
Konohamaru Ninja Infor in Naruto Anime Game
In Konoha of the Japanese manga Naruto, there was once a 3 member team of cute ninjas known as the Konohamaru Corps. The successors of Team Ebisu, the three members, Udon, Moegi, and Konohamaru are both funny and endearing. In the anime, he hardly ever participated in battles, but in game MMORPG online, his chance to fight has arrived! What may be different from your expectations is the fact that you don’t need all three of the Konohamaru Corps in battle. Konohamaru (Konohamaru Corps) can fulfill your wishes on his own! This version of Konohamaru can call out Moegi and Udon, filling up the battlefield with children. It’ll definitely be fun!
Konohamaru Ninja
Konohamaru (Konohamaru Corps) Skill Introduction
[Mystery Skill] Mystery of Konoha Flow – Detonating Kill Formation Causes fire damage to the selected enemy as well as [Knockdown].
[Basic Skill] Beating: Attack the front enemy with a certain probability of [Knockdown] and slipping but no damage.
[Passive Skill 1] Secret Attack: [Pursuit] [Safuko] to the enemy and causes [Dafuko].
[Passive Skill 2] Go! Udon! Summons Udon at the start of the battle and the basic attack has a chance of causing [Dafuko]. It also initiates [Pursuit] and [Knockdown] to the enemy, causing [Knockdown].
[Pursuit] Come Out! Moegi! Summons Moegi at the start of the battle and the normal attack has a chance of causing [Safuko]. It also initiates [Pursuit] and [Dafuko] to the enemy, causing [Dafuko].
Finally, using Konohamaru (Konohamaru Corps)’s transformation will lead to some unexpected results! You’ll definitely burst out laughing!
Konohamaru Corps
I think Naruto is one of the best made Japanese anime! The friendship, bonds, and growth are inspirational and moving. I’m a loyal fan and I’ve played a lot of related online MMORPGs. I love the Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Storm series. This year, I started playing playing online MMORPG game. I’m already over level 60 and have collected a few dozen ninjas. I like Kakashi the most, he’s my dream guy.