Ninja’s Growth, Rasengan VS Chidori

The Naruto series are a superb work of art, and we can now almost consider it as a classic, taking in account in series’ success and how it affected the whole world. What a pity the series ended so fast, specially during the last arc, we were watching it and thinking “It cannot end here, not yet!” and suddenly, it had really ended. That is when I went searching on the internet, for a game based on the MMORPG series and there it was, I ended up finding Naruto Online. This game only came out this here, if you really are a fan of Naruto,  I recommend you to try it out, it’s a very enjoyable game! I recommend you to try it out, it’s a very enjoyable game!
In the Naruto series, the biggest expectations are on the main characters’ development: “What new Ninjutsus will they learn?”, “Whose new Ninjutsu will be stronger?”, etc.
In reality, Naruto and Sasuke’s first big battle was a battle of colliding Ninjutsu: Rasengan VS Chidori, which one was stronger? It was certainly a moment in the series which caused a big impact to the fans.
While Sasuke was under the guidance of Kakashi, he mastered Kakashi’s move, Chidori. Chidori is The Copy Ninja’s skill, a skill created by himself and with an affinity to the Lightning attribute, it was his best move to defeat his opponents while in Anbu.
Rasengan is a move Naruto learned while he was under Jiraiya’s guidance. It was the signature move left by the Fourth Hokage, a skill with an affinity to the Wind attribute. However, it was an incomplete skill. Rasengan’s form was indeed perfected and stable, but, Chakra nature was not yet inbued into the Rasengan’s core.
Naruto and Sasuke’s first big battle
These two youngsters, Naruto and Sasuke, faced each other under the roof of Konoha’s Hospital, it was the first confrontation between Rasengan and Chidori.
This first fight was interrupted by Kakashi’s arrival, but it was this short battle that left us with big expectations for what their development might led to!
I always thought Rasengan would become stronger than Chidori, after all, at the time, Naruto hadn’t imbued any Chakra nature to Rasengan. On the other hand, Chidori is a skill that needs to be imbued with Lightning, it could not be perfected further, and, in the end, it was not the best move Kakashi sensei was capable of using.
No matter what, from the beginning of the series, it was foreshadowed that Naruto and Sasuke would clash, we were always expecting this to happen, the battle between Rasengan and Chidori was their development as ninjas culminating in battle.