Sakura blossoms, a Determined Heart

This is a recommendation for everyone out there that is a fan of the Naruto series. First of all, Naruto Online is an official game, therefore, the quality of the game is assured to be good. Secondly, the art of the game is well-drawn and inspired by the series; the environment in which the game is set, almost makes you feel like you are in the world Naruto was in; do not forget about the skills with art designed specifically for this Naruto games and little cutscenes made for some special signature moves.
Sakura blossoms, a Determined Heart
We can say that Naruto, Sasuke and Sakura are the main characters in the series, however, you can immediately tell that Sakura is the weakest, apart from her grades, there is nothing that can attract people to like her, besides, in the beginning, she is always cold towards Naruto. When the Naruto series started, I really didn’t like her.
Sakura blossoms
Sakura starts to really develop during the Chunin Exams. Orochimaru appears in front of Team 7, Naruto and Sakura try to battle through him, but Sakura is unable to move at all, almost like a turtle hiding in her shell. Later, the Hidden Sound Ninjas appear and attempt to kill both Naruto and Sasuke, Sakura’s efforts are of no help to them. Their savior is Lee, who shows up later, together with Sasuke manage to get through the situation. One of the Hidden Sound Ninjas gets Sakura by her hair and threatens to cut Sakura’s hair. She thinks about how Sasuke won’t like short-haired girls and how he will hate her even more; in the end, she is the one to cut it herself, and her perfect hair is seen softly flying away. Nobody can notice the act of courage that it was, for Sakura to cut her own hair, but everyone could see the fierce determination to become stronger in her attitude at that moment.
Sakura blossoms ninja
From this moment on, I started to have more interest in Sakura, and after she learned new Ninjutsu with Tsunade, she definitely got way stronger than she was!