Naruto Online: Kage Treasure Character Overviews

Since we are getting close to Kage Treasure, I thought I would go ahead and give some more indepth opinions on each of the rare+ ninja in the pack so people can be a little bit more prepared. I am going to list them from best to worst, but bare in mind that these ninja are so flexible that there isn’t really a “bad” ninja in the pack.
1: Susanoo Itachi
Susanoo Itachi is pretty stupid. He is the the 2nd best tank in the game. He takes the best things from other tanks andputs them all into one character plus some. He has super armor ( Cannot be comboed, similar to Gaara/Earth Main with passive ), He cannot be debuffed ( Regular Itachi, Nine Tails Naruto, Killer Bee ), he has a 100% combo starting standard to repulse, He hits multiple front enemies in a sweep type effect ( Asuma Windblade style ), His standard can seal ( not likely to happen, but doesn’t hurt when it does ), and he has 2 good chases in Amaterasu with the 3 round ignite, and a 10 combo with garunteed critical on 2 target ( similar to Iruka ).
Finally, his mystery gives him a incredible amount of CC in the form of chaos, that he can use on turn 1, and turn
2. Selected CC like this has always been powerful, and Itachi in the first position can literally shut down pretty much anyone on the enemy team. Most often it is used after the standard attack on turn 1, and then at the beginning of turn 2, giving you 2 enemy ninja chaosed on turn 2, which usually lets you just win any 1v1 fight.
The only downside he has at all is that he is weak in GNW and So-So in ranked.
2: Susanoo Sasuke
Most people are really hyped up on the Raikage bandwagon, and to be honest its really close between them to begin with. I just want everyone to be very clear that Susanoo Sauke is a absolute monster.
Susanoo Sasuke
Like his Brother, he is completely immune to combo effects, making him a pretty safe tank to begin with. It isn’t often you get Damage dealers that can tank as well as this, and when you do, people quickly realize how powerful the effect is ( Look at Sage Naruto ). A Tank Damage Dealer also has teh added ability of not being awkward in teams where you want to have initiative on turn 2 so that your skill goes off first. Additionally, he is completely immune to Ninjiitsu damage ( See Tendo Pain ), which combined with the lack of combo makes him probably a better overall tank then even his brother. There is nothing overly tanky about Tendo Pain, but if you have ever come across one, they seem to live way longer then they should because of the ninjiitsu immunity. He can be debuffed, which makes him susepctible to things like Fire Main Sleep standard, but that isn’t anything new, and usually is only a slight annoyance. You can also prevent this with Lightning main passive, making him immune to debuffs, combos, and ninjiitsu? Sick.
He has the same two chases as his brother ( Ignite is only for one round, though that doesn’t matter as much as you would think ).
Finally, he has the best 40 mystery skill in the Naruto games online. Not only is it awesome to look at, but it hits the entire enemy team ( just the enemy team, not the whole camp ), and has a very high critical rate boost to the skill. Skills like this open up new ways to gear and different priorities in things like Purify and 8 Gates, where something like a very high +Injury stat would be highly beneficial to him, as most ninja just get cancelled out by the enemy anti-critical.
He is much better in GNW and Ranked then Itachi, and while weaker in 1v1 fights because of the control, he is still the best single team nuker in the game. Not to mention, if you have Itachi, you also have Sasuke.
3: Ay, The Fourth Raikage
Lots of hype around him, and for good reason. Essentially he is a super amped up Lightning Main.
He has immunity to combos. He has a built in healing passive whenever he does damage ( which actually doesn’t come into play as much as people would think, since he is a blitzer ). He has one chase which is basically Kakashis lightning chase.
His real power lies in his Mystery and passive. He gains lightnign armor, which gives him 4 attacks ( usable in the first round ). When he attacks, he tags the enemy. The second attack will target the tagged enemy, do a 5 hit combo, cause high float garunteed, and eat the tag. On turn one he will be doing this twice, making him really strong turn one play. He is often paired with Darui, Light Main, and Asuma Windblade ( for now ).
ay the fourth raikage
3: Darui
Darui is the best of the auto-stage changers. Stage change grants Lightning and Water +40% damage. He also has 2 chases, a regular chase, and a 10 combo that causes paralyze. It is very easy to get 10 combos with lightning main ( Lightning Spear ), he gets 2 attacks a round while his stage is up.
Oh, and he has a sword trait. So, good luck CC’ing him ever ( Lightning main prevents CC/Debuffs to swordies ).
4: Onoki
Pretty much no talk about this ninja. He is better then the other Kage.
Firstly, his barrier isthe only one that grants buffs to THREE different elements, allowing him to be the most versatile of the stage buffers.
He has a passive that makes him fail his basic attack occassionally. But, he also has a passive that gives someone a extra attack every round, so even if he does fail, it doesn’t really matter.
But his main strength is his Mystery. It is the first 40 mystery that hits 9 people, and is prompt. Being able to do this on turn 2 is much more valuable then doing it on turn 3 ( Mei’s 60 ) or Turn 4 ( Gaara ).
5: Mei Terumi
Not a huge fan of her. Putting a stage changer on a ninja with above 40 chakra mystery is just kinda awkward. You want her to have the highest Initiative, so that her stage is the one that sticks, but she won’t be able to make the most of that initiative when turn 2 rolls around.
That being said, she has a great chase, her passive increases damage to males which is huge, and if you do get her mystery off it can be quite good, though it is basically just a Fire Main Dragon with ignite built in.
6: Gaara Kazekage
Same reasons as above for the stage changer. Just awkward.
Like Mei, great chase. Has super armor. If you can get his mystery off it is going to hurt, but it takes so much to make it work right now. Mabui is the only consistent way to get 80 chakra on turn 2, and she does nothing with Wind Ninja, it also means you are giving up on the initiative war, which can make you lose before you even start the fight.
7: Danzo
Danzo is pretty interesting. Fire and Lightning stage changer. Good chase, good passive for chakra/life gain. His stage changer is chaos every round, which is a lot safer when you are fire for Reflect back.
The biggest thing about him is Izanagi. He puts a buff on someone, and if they die within 1 turn, they get ressed with 80% life. It is usable on turn 1. He is absolutely the biggest Raikage counter in the game. If you are having trouble against Raikages, just throw this buff on whomever in between Raikages attacks. It also can be used preventatively. If you are going into 2nd round, and you Izanagi your best ninja, your opponent cannot target him. They can, but it won’t do anything if they kill him. It gives you some interesting play around room where you can ignore Initiative in some cases.
8: Mifune
Sword buffs for days. Two attacks a round. Has my favorite type of passive ( Chase something, cause the same thing you chase ) making it very easy to fit him into a combo. His Mystery deals good damage, and kills all buffs on the enemy? Shields? Nope. Stacked attack buffs like Iruka/Hashirama/TenTen on your Sage Naruto? Yeah, those are all gone now. Being able to do that on turn 2, when most of the buffs last until turn 5, is huge in a longer type of fight.
The only issue with him is that there really isn’t enough swordies around. There are, but they don’t work as well as you would hope. He gets better when other sword based ninja come out ( 7 Swordsman, Cursed Hidan etc ) because it isn’t limited to any one element.
9: Killer Bee
I think by now most people know about Killer Bee… So let me make this quick. Tanky, deals pretty good damage, and his mystery is a Turn 1 that not only increases damage turn one ( Put it on Sage Naruto and see what happens ), but since it lasts two rounds, also sets up your turn 2.
Only reason he isn’t way higher is the lack of Tailed Beasts for his passive. That will change. He probably jumps up to the best rare in the pack when that happens.
10: Chojuro
Poor Chojuro. He just doesn’t really do anything.
There are standard, regular ninja in the pack that are better then him ( Like, 5 of them even ).