Revenge of the Victory: Naruto Online OClassic Battle

I like even more the Shippuden episodes. My friends and I agree on this point, the main characters grew up, matured and became even more interesting. I have recently tried and played several Naruto games. The raids and other events available on RPG Online made me play until late in the evening. This game has a much higher ceiling than the others I played. Each player have its own expectations and the community is helpful and friendly.
sasuke vs danzo
The story is not only taking place in the Shippuden period, and it focuses more on the characters growth than in the bloody fights. For most of the people, Naruto’s growth is the most interesting one, however I prefer Sasuke’s fate and story even though he is much less likeable than Naruto.
sasuke vs danzo online naruto
The best example to illustrate Sasuke’s growth is his encounter and fight with Danzo.
Sasuke have always had a keen mind for combat and strategy. Unlike Naruto in games online Naruto, Sasuke analyze his opponent carefully, remains calm and is not impulsive. Although he is not as intelligent as Shikamaru, his strategic spirit has made him succeed many hard fought battle and survive strong opponents. Danzo of the Hidden Leaf is a formidable and experienced opponent like Sasuke never faced before. He stole many Sharigans of the Uchiha clans and use them wisely in fight. But in the end Danzo relied too much on the stolen power of the Uchicha and fell into Sasuke’s trap.