Ninja Karura is just as great as Uzumaki Kushina

There are lots of people who love to play Naruto Games like I do. I was inspired by Naruto the manga as I’m so fond of the storyline. We still didn’t get enough of it but the manga has already come to an end. Great to know that there is a new game called Naruto Online this year which is officially licensed from Bandai Namco. It’s great to experience the whole story once again through the game!
Speaking of the storyline, there are many moving stories apart from the thrilling fighting scenes. The most impressive part for me is when Uzumaki Kushina told Naruto to take care of himself. We can feel that she showed such deep love for her son.
In Naruto anime, Karura, mother of Gaara, is just as great as Uzumaki Kushina.
Karura barely showed up in Naruto game. Basically, we can only know her side of the story from other people’s memory. However, after her tragic death, she still watches over her child.  She is one of the primary reasons of Gaara becoming a great Kazekage and an even greater person.
gaara ninja online
We all know that Gaara can control sand which is powerful in attack. But sand can be even more powerful in defense. Gaara will be surrounded by the thick sand automatically when he is under attack. Lots of us thought that the power of protecting from the sand was because of the Shuukaku. However, it turned out to be the power of Gaara’s mother. She was there for him all the time. Just like Kushina and Minato reserving their chakra to protect Naruto, Karura may also reserved her chakra within sand in order to protect Gaara. From this point of view, we can see that Karura is also a powerful and great ninja.
Of course, it was not her power that was touching me, but her love for her son. Even though she has already passed away, she was still trying to protect him. I nearly burst into tears when I watched this part of the story.