Second Hokage was at first Konoha’s second in command ninja

As a senior gamer of many Naruto, today I want to recommend a game called Naruto Online. This is an officially authorized by Bandai Namco. It has a high level of restoration of the anime, and it can be asserted that it’s the most respectful of the original works of Naruto. Moreover, the rpg has many Naruto game modes. My favorite things to do to collect all kinds of ninjas and to adjust my lineup according to different kinds of battles. The process of cultivating ninjas is truly something to look forward to.
It is clear that a shadow and pressure exist on Naruto’s generation of Ninja, imagine, 1st Hokage called “Ninja God”, 3rd Hokage called “Dr. Ninjutsu”, 4th called “Golden Flash”, 5th generation with the three legendary Sennin and 6th generation have not only Might Guy but also the “Copy Ninja”. What about the second generation? Well, even without a lousy nickname as “Copy Ninja” or wooden nature manipulation, second Hokage was a great man and Ninja, check out some of his feats!
1. Creator of a great number of famous Jutsu as, Impure World Reincarnation, Flying Thunder God Technique, Summoning Technique, Kinkaku and many other.
2. Has the strongest perception of all being able to detect ninjas thousands of miles away and determine its life and chakra levels.
3. The establishment of ANBU special forces to maintain Uchiha tribes, which were planning an uprising, at hand.
4. Set up Ninja School, which ensured the transmission and teaching of Ninjutsu for many generations to come.
It is clear that the second generation of Konoha’s Hokage was not only a powerful and skilled fighter and Shinobi in games online Naruto, but also a politically active person that ensured Konoha’s survival and growth as Ninja World’s strongest and most stable Village. He was at first Konoha’s second in command ninja after his brother and then became himself Hokage so do not undermine his strength.