Naruto Online:Is Jiraiya a successful ninja?

I used to read a lot of mangas before. But I don’t have much time to do that after work. Naruto anime is the only manga that I’m still reading. And it has already come to an end. Recently I’m playing Naruto Online the game which is mostly based on the original storyline and gives the chances to players to experience this journey one more time.
In the manga, my favorite character is Jiraiya. Some take him as a successful ninja, some may disagree with this point of view. However I like him. I will share my thoughts below.
He took part in the Second Ninja War and he was seen as one of The three Legendary Sannin. His sensei was Sarutobi and his students were Minato and Naruto who both became Hokage. One of his peers is one of the biggest villain and the other one was the fifth Hokage. He was the author of Icha Icha and he was rich( Naruto checked his bankbook). He was also rich in all kinds of experiences. All Konoha’s ninjas except Hokages used the title “Sama”when referring to him.
But these are not all the reasons why I like him. He was casual and liked to flirt with women. Although he was rich, he still spent all Naruto’s money (who saved it for a long time). Although he was not very serious all the time, he sacrificed his life for what he believed in. He was powerful, but he still lived a normal life just like us (or even worse). This kind of character is usually very appreciated by lots of fans. He taught us how to be a real ninja by scarifying his own life. Jiraiya never got the chance to say a proper goodbye to Naruto. He left when Naruto was still in his dream. But he never came back. That was their last time spent together. There is no doubt that Jiraiya had regrets towards his life. But he was definitely successful as a ninja and a Sensei.