The 10 Most Classic Ninjas Lines from Naruto Online

The Online MMORPG is my favorite type of game. The process of cultivating characters gives me a lot of hope and satisfaction. Right now I’m playing a game like this called Naruto Online. I’ve already collected over 30 ninjas. My favorite is Kakashi! I think he’s very popular in the anime too.
As a loyal fan of Naruto Online, I’ve already watched the anime many times over. Some lines are truly exceptional and unforgettable.
1. The Third Hokage: You only live once. You don’t have to make excuses for picking a path you don’t like. It’s fine to live or die according to your nature, but, no matter which path you choose, don’t forget to protect those people you love.
2. The Third Hokage: Fire burns wherever there are waste leaves. The firelight will shine upon the village, and new leaves will sprout again.
3.Haku: People become strong when they have to protect the person who matter to them the most.
4. Tsunade: In time all material things will wither and fall. Only memories never fade.
5. Hinata: It is only because of imperfection and failure that we can stand up again and continue fighting. I think this is the most powerful kind of will.
6. Ibiki Morino: As for people who are not willing to stake their life at the most critical moments, who delay hope to the next year, leading to an uncertain future, and people who let go of opportunities, I think indecisive good-for-nothings like these have no right to become chunins!
7. Orochimaru: Life has no meaning, but if you live on, you will discover many interesting things. For example, you seeing this flower, or I meeting you.
8.Zabuza: If the chance will allow it, I want to go to the same place as you.
9. Naruto: Just because of this, you would let yourself play the lead of a tragedy and cry your heart out everyday? An idiot like you should keep on crying forever! You worthless crybaby.
10. Shikamaru: I only casually wanted to be a ninja, make so money, marry someone who’s not beautiful or ugly, make a couple of babies, first a girl, and then a boy, wait until my girl gets married and my boy is grownup, and then retire. After that, I will just play chess or checkers and live a life of leisure and die before my wife does. That is kind of life I want to live.