Tsunade Called the Strongest Medical Ninja in Naruto Online

Naruto Online is a mmorpg game with an abundance of game modes. Collection and cultivation are at the core of the game. I like to collect ninjas I like a lot. Even though some ninjas aren’t that useful, I like the feeling of accomplishment when I see the few dozens of ninjas I’ve collected! Of course, it’s not enough to just collect ninjas, you would have to cultivate them and increase their battle power.
Tsunade is a very powerful ninja. She has strong attack power and healing ability. In the Naruto anime, Tsunade is probably the most powerful medical-nin. A few plots can attest to this point in game mmorpg online.
1. Tsunade’s apprentice Sakura once healed Kankuro in Sunagakure the Village in Hidden Sand. Chiyo created the life-giving technique and is already a great medical-nin herself, yet even she couldn’t save Kankuro. Her skills in detoxification and providing antidotes are no match for Tsunade’s apprentice Sakura.
2. Tsunade’s other apprentice Shizune once healed a ninja from Kumogakure the Village in Hidden Cloud when all of that village’s medical-nins were helpless. It’s important to note that Raikage’s medical-nins are very capable, but in the end, they still had to seek help from Tsunade, and Tsunade went on to let Shizune handle the operation.
3. At the time of Pain’s invasion, Tsunade healed an entire village via Katsuyu’s Mystical Palm Technique! Notice that the Mystical Palm Technique is quite demanding of one’s ability to control chakras. Very few people can manage to deliver the entire technique. Even on the medical team, not very many people can successfully use it.
4. The Ninja Art Creation Rebirth–Strength of a Hundred Technique is a ninjutsu that can be used multiple times to heal oneself in online mmorpg game battle. It can achieve the effect of regeneration of the user to a great degree. These two techniques give Tsunade a life force so strong that when her body separates during the battle of the Five Kages and Madara, she not only doesn’t die, but she could still release high-level ninjutsu to heal herself and the other four kages by summoning Katsuyu.
So, we can safely say that Tsunade’s healing ability is indeed the most powerful in Naruto game!