The Five Greatest Jutsu in“Naruto Online”

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I’ve read countless times the manga of Naruto. After so many years, it has finally reached its conclusion, I would like to ask, were you satisfied with the last arc of Naruto? I am not a particular fan of this kind of conclusion for a plot… It felt like it was too rushed. No matter what, for me, I just need to see or hear something about Naruto game to run after it! I’m now playing “Naruto Online”, a MMORPG game based on the anime universe; it makes me so reminiscent of the story’s plot!
In the manga, there are several unthinkably powerful Jutsu which come at a cost; a enormous amount of Chakra is consumed to cast it. Among this Jutsu, using pure Chakra might not be enough to cast it, sometimes casting this Jutsu might come at a higher cost, it might even costs one’s Life! Today, I will be introducing everyone the most costing Jutsu!
Sealing Jutsu – Reaper Death Seal
It casts the Reaper Death Seal. After the Seal is cast, the caster will have its Soul consumed by the Reaper, as if it was a contract between both, finally, the opponent’s soul will also be consumed by the Reaper; both Souls will dwell inside the Reaper for eternity without being able to enter the Pure Land.
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Eight Inner Gates – Gate of Death
The last gate of the Eight Inner Gates, it can be open in exchange for humungous strength, to the point in which one can even warp space, but it comes at the price of one’s Life. Might Guy was almost done by it, gladly, Naruto showed up at the right moment to save the day.
C0 – Self-Explosion
Deidara’s ultimate Mystery skill, it is cast using a mouth on his chest, right on top of where his heart is. The mouth connects directly to the heart and uses the heart and veins connections to release his built up Explosive Chakra. The body starts to become darker and darker, until it becomes a small dark sphere of compressed Explosive Chakra, which finally explodes!
Rinne Rebirth
Can revive every Life that died recently, it is not limited by range, it is a godly-like skill, it requires a huge amount of Chakra. To cast it, if the Chakra of the user is not enough, its Life will be consumed. Until now, no ninja was able to cast it and have a large enough stock of Chakra to be able to keep its Life after casting this Jutsu.
Reanimation Jutsu
A Reanimation Jutsu, it’s a Kinjutsu that uses one’s Life to give Life to a dead thing, the entire Chakra of the caster will be transferred to the Soul of the dead thing, killing the caster.