Sakura is My Least Favorite Female Character in Naruto Online

As an anime fan, I’ve played a lot of Naruto rpg. Out of all the games I’ve played, I like Naruto Online the best. Beautiful quality and highly original, the game truy offers an objective game experience, as it restores the original works to a painstaking degree. The plot of the anime really draws you in.
There are many ninja character in online Naruto games. My favorite is Itachi Uchiha, and least favorite is Sakura Haruno. You don’t need to stress her good side. I know her strengths, but I just want to vent about her problems.
Making fun of Naruto being an orphan in front of Sasuke shows that she is not properly brought up.
In the genin training, selfishly worrying about not being able to get a bell and not being able to go on with Sasuke anymore, she tries to Sasuke out of the task.
To pursue the boy she likes, she severs ties with Ino. But Ino was someone who had important influence on Sakura, helping her become more confident and open.
sakura ninja online
When Rock Lee confessed to her, she made fun of his eyebrows. She used to be the center of mockery for her oversized forehead too.
In the chunin exam while chasing Sasuke, Shikamaru wanted to sacrifice himself for the sake of protecting his companion, but Sakura escapes because she doubted him.
She tells Naruto to get Sasuke back at all cost. Naruto would go after Sasuke even if she hadn’t said that. She only gave him more pressure.
Sakura is selfish. She wants to be with Sasuke so that she could be happy.
Evidently, she only loves to satisfy herself.
sakura ninja online naruto rpg game
She only touched herself, and she thinks she’s done something great. But in reality, what has she done for Sasuke? Nothing. She only waits and cries, but never really does anything for him, only telling Naruto to bring him back so that Sasuke can be her boyfriend.
So, this is Sakura. I really don’t like her.