Who Can Combat Nine-Tails in Naruto Online

I’ve played many MMORPG games this year, probably a dozen of them. My favorite is Naruto Online because it’s rich in game modes and has beautiful graphics, so as an anime fan and game lover, I have to support it.
As a powerful tailed-beast, Nine-Tails has always had someone who was onto him. But in Naruto’s world, there are a few ninjas who can match him with their special skills. Today, I will introduce these ninjas.
Namikaze Minato:
The fourth Hokage relied on his Flying Thunder God technique and Dead Demon Consuming Seal to organize Nine-Tail’s attack of Konoha, but in the end, he still had to  seal Nine-Tails with the cost of his life.
The Six Paths of Pain:
Tendo Pain has already suppressed the Tailed Beast Mode of Naruto online MMORPG game. Moreover, he can summon the Demonic Statue of the Outer Path, so going up against Nine-Tails is nothing for him.
Madara Uchiha:
It’s very simple for Madara Uchiha to control Nine-Tails. Through genjutsu and the powerful Sharingan, Madara can successfully control Nine-Tail’s thoughts and actions.
Senju Hashirama:
In the battle at the Final Valley, he not only overcomes Madara but also successfully seals Nine-Tails. The power of the god of ninja is indeed great.
Naruto Uzumaki:
Naruto is different from other people. He himself is the jinchuriki of Nine-Tails, so his method is not to use force but to slowly move Nine-Tails, and to make himself into the transformable jinchuriki of Nine-Tails.