Naruto Online Adobe Flash Player Plugin Settings

Dear Ninja,

It seems you are having a problem loading the Adobe Flash Player plugin! Do not fear! Follow the steps bellow given by “Kakashi sensei”! They are helpful and will help guiding you through the process of running Adobe Flash Player in your Google Chrome browser. Complete this guide to be able to continue playing the Naruto game!

To successfully enter the game, please operate as follows:

1. Click on the blank space: “Click to enable Adobe Flash Player”.

2. A window near the URL address will pop-up. Click “Allow” to allow Flash content to be loaded in Google Chrome.

3. After following the steps above, clear your cache! You should be able to enter the Naruto Online now!

“Kakashi sensei” waits for you inside the game! Prepare your lessons!

Naruto Online Adobe Flash Player Plugin Settings

Naruto Online Operation Team