The Most Special Ninja in Naruto Online

Naruto Online is my favorite game which is highly strategic and it includes card collection. But having a powerful ninja doesn’t necessarily mean that you can easily defeat your rival because the most important thing is to use ninjas in good combination. This makes me really enjoy playing Naruto Online.  And my favorite is Kakashi!
Suigetsu Hozuki, a descendent of the Hozuki clan. He has the extremely special Water style secret jutsu and can liquidize any part of his body at will. Through his techniques, he can liquidize his physical body, effectively cancelling the effect of physical attacks. In close combat, besides being able to evade attacks, he can also sneak into buildings and make powerful surprise attacks. This is Suigetsu’s greatest advantage as well as disadvantage. He is checked by lightning attribute ninjutsu, so if he’s hit by lightning ninjutsu, he becomes entirely paralyzed. In his battle with Killer B, the jinchuriki of Eight Tails, Suigetsu blocks Killer B’s attack with his water style techniques to save the others from harm in online MMORPG game. Even though in the end he achieves victory with Sasuke’s Amaterasu, he himself is also reduced to jelly.
Not everyone has grasped what’s special about Suigetsu Hozuki’s constitution. Indeed, Suigetsu Hozuki is probably the only ninja who can reduced his body into elements. Maybe others can achieve something similar. For example, Orochimaru can avoid damage by shedding his skin, but that’s only a kind of avoidance whereas Suigetsu Hozuki’s water technique can completely transform himself into a puddle of water. Even if he’s hurt, it’s only temporary. This kind of ability is quite truly powerful. Please refer to natural fruits series from OnePiece. The natural series is probably the most powerful. But no matter how powerful a person is, they would still fear let alone provoke someone who can reduce his body into elements.
But unfortunately, Suigetsu Hozuki is not one of the main characters. He’s only Sasuke’s sidekick. In a few critical times, he used the element function of his water transformation techniques to successfully block oncoming attacks. Nevertheless, this is where his power caps off. There is still some distance between Suigetsu Hozuki and even greater ninjas that appear later on.