The Ninjas Who Can Communicate with Nature in Naruto Online

jugo ninja
1. Jugo
Jugo is born with the ability to tap into natural energy. At the same time, he can conduct different kinds of transformations where each one has a different amount of chakra. When Orochimaru discovered this ability of Jugo’s, he started studying him. Finally he  successfully develops a curse mark. The ability of the Sound Four profits largely from Jugo.
obito ninja
2. Obito
Obito is Orochimaru’s most loyal follower. He did no short amount of bad things with Orochimaru. Later Orochimaru is sealed by Itachi. Obito inherits Orochimaru’s power and  acquires senjutsu techniques from Ryuchi Cave. In a certain sense, Obito’s ability has exceeded that of Orochimaru online MMORPG game.
jiraiya online ninja
3. Jiraiya
Jiraiya is one of the legendary Sannin. Seen from the plot of Naruto, Jiraiya is the most powerful existence among the Sannin. Jiraiya acquired senjutsu from Mount Myoboku. Indeed, the Sennin mode is Jiraiya’s most powerful skill.He can cooperate with the other two sennin and release super powerful genjutsu.
4. Hashirama
The First Hokage’s wood style is truly remarkable. Senju’s power multiplies after using senjutsu. Even Madara’s Susanoo and a full body Nine-Tails aren’t his match. But Kishimoto doesn’t tell us where Hashirama learns his senjutsu from. We only know he is the powerful.
naruto ninja
5. Naruto
After Jiraiya, Naruto also acquires senjutsu from Mount Myoboku. In the final battle with Sasuke, if Nine-Tails didn’t absorb all the natural energy from the earth, Naruto wouldn’t have been able to survive Sasuke’s Arrow of Indora!