Naruto Online 3-Star Sasuke Skill Intro


Sasuke [Shippuden] is the upgraded version of Sasuke. Sasuke becomes Sasuke [Seal] when he goes from 1-star to 2-star. From 2-star to 3-star, he becomes Sasuke [Shippuden]. Every upgrade, Naruto’s image and skills change. What’s special about Sasuke [Shippuden] is that he can activate the Kirin barrier. Triggering this barrier can cause great ninjutsu damage to the enemy.

Sasuke [Shippuden] ninja

Sasuke [Shippuden] Ninja Skill Intro game online mmorpg

[Mystery Skill] Lightning Style Kirin: Activating the barrier will cause the attack and ninjutsu of all lightning attribute ninjas to increase by 40%. Reusing within the barrier will cause ninjutsu damage to up to 4 enemy units and knockdown to the selected enemy units.

[Standard Attack Skill] Chidori: Attack the front enemy and maybe trigger triple combo and low float.

[Passive Skill 1] Fire Style Dragon Fire: Chase and attack the low floated enemy and cause repulsion.

[Passive Skill 2] Chidori Sharp Spear: Chase and attack the high floated enemy and cause low flow and a 10-hit combo and paralysis.

[Chase and Attack] Fire Style Great Dragon Fire: Release with at least a 10-hit combo. Cause ignition to 2 random enemy units.


I didn’t like playing web games before because they were usually quite simple and didn’t have good images and various ways to play. But recently, after playing an MMORPG called Naruto Online, I’ve changed my mind because this game has various contents and exquisite images. I can play it simply by opening the browser, which is very convenient, so I like this game very much.