Do You Know These Weapons in Naruto Online?

Recommend a pretty good game called Naruto Online to you guys. It has exquisite images and various ways to play and a lot of content are adapted from the anime, so I like this game very much.

Besides Ninjutsu, there are also many ninja tools or weapons in Naruto and some of them are very powerful!

Blade of the Thunder Spirit

Blade of the Thunder Spirit:

As a blade of Second Hokage of Konoha, it is one of the sharpest ninja tools and has infinite power of thunder. It can be invincible when used with Flying Raijin Kunai. Later Sasuke made it cracked by hitting it with Chidori and Nauro broke it by Rasengan when they got it back after it was stolen.


Snake Sword:

It is Orochimaru’ weapon, which is said to be able to hew everything, and the Third Hokage was dead of this sword. It is probably that Sasuke also used the same sword later.



Actually it is not a weapon but a Summon Monster of the Third Hokage online Naruto games. Enma can change itself into different forms and use Ninjutsu so Orochimaru said it’s the most powerful Contract Summon Monster.


Leaf Fan:

As Uchiha Madara’s weapon, which was made from a part of the Divine Tree, it can better control Fire Style by using Wind Style and make Ninjutsu rebound on others like what it once did to Naruto’s Small Bijyudama. As the badge of Uchiha Clan, Leaf Fan symbolizes their proficiency in Fire Style. Uchiha Obito has also used the fan.



It can absorb enemy’s Chakra and transfer it to the user. Hoshigaki Kisame had used it and later it became Killer Bee’s weapon.


Treasured Tools of Sage of the Six Paths:

Palm Leaf Fan, Golden Rope, Seven Star Sword, Red Gourd and Amber Purification Jar form a ninja kit whose main strength is sealing. They were first used by Kinkaku and Ginkaku and later were acquired by Tenten.