Gamas of Mount Myoboku in Naruto Online

Naruto is my favorite anime but I really don’t like the ending! I think the plot should reach its climax after Jiraiya’s death and the pace after that is too fast. But overall, I really like the stories in this anime. The comic has come to an end so now I’m playing Naruto Online to relive those classic stories.


Gama is one of the summonmonsters in MMORPG online, and Jiraiya Minato Namikaze and Naruto can summon it. There are many Gamas in the anime, how many of them do you know?


1. Gamamaru Sennin
As the real Gama ancestor, it is immortal and has very accurate prophecy. Its two attendants, Fukasaku and Shima, are Gamabunta’s parents.


2. Fukasaku
It is the elder Gama Sennin of Mount Myoboku and can be used in combination with powerful Sage Art. Jiraiya left a code on its back.

3. Shima (Grandma Gama)
It is the elder Gama Sennin of Mount Myoboku and can be used in combination with powerful Sage Art. Use Fire Style, Jiraiya (Gama Oil) and Fukasaku (Wind Style) to launch Sage Art · Goemon combined with Grandpa Gama’s ensemble, “Sage Art · Gama Singing”.


4. Gamabunta
It is the summonmonster of Jiraiya, the Fourth Hokage and Naruto Uzumaki in game online mmorpg. With a red body color, its appearance looks like a toad and it is also called ‘Gama Boss’.
5. Gamaken
It is a modest summonmonster in Mount Myoboku and likes to say how stupid it is. It fought Pain with Jiraiya. It uses a pot cover-shaped shield and a harpoon-shaped weapon.


6. Gamahiro
When Orochimaru invaded Konoha, Jiraiya summoned it to deal with Orochimaru’s snake.


7. Gamakichi
It is Gamabunta’s son. When it first appeared, it was very small and could sit on Naruto’s head. Later it became significantly bigger in the fight with Pain. After growing up together with Naruto, it has become his real summonmonster.

8. Gamariu
It is Gamabunta’s youngest son and Gamakichi’s younger brother. With dark yellow stripes, it is chubby and very cute.

9. Iron Gama
It is another Gama in Naruto and is summoned by Gama Sennin, Jiraiya.


10. Gamatora
It is a very special summonmonster. It uses the covenant to attach itself into Jiraiya’s body. The key to unseal Nine Tails is recorded on its scroll-shaped body.

11. Gamakosuke
It is a liaison Gama which is responsible for liaising between Konoha and Mount Myoboku, killed by Danzo when Pain invaded Konoha.

12. Gamachikara
When Naruto and Jiraiya came to the hot spring area, Jiraiya suggested Naruto learn other Ninjutsus besides Wind Style · Rasen Shuriken and then Gamachikara was summoned. Naruto doesn’t get along with it and they often quarrel.