Kakashi’s Eight Ninja Dogs Online Naruto

Naruto Online is the best game that I’ve played in recent years. In this game, I can collect my favorite ninjas, strengthen their fighting capacity through training and build my own ninja team to start an adventure in the instance. Each instance represents a plot of the anime and it is so much fun to play.


My first surprise in Naruto was the Summon Jutsu that Kakashi showed when fighting Zabuza. Kakashi’s eight Ninja Dogs can understand human language and they will be summoned when necessary. They can guide ninjas by using their acute sense of smell and trace ability. These Ninja Dogs vary in character but they are all very loyal.

Their names are Shiba, Bishiku, Akino, Guruku, Kuro, Urushi, Buru and Pakkun and they are all expensive dos breeds. The tracker dog, Pakkun, is the cutest and the one that is most often summoned online Naruto games. It is a pug who is a bit timid and describes itself as “non-combat”.


As a Dogue de Bordeaux, Buru is the largest among those Ninja Dogs. With a choke collar around its neck, it looks fierce but it is actually very good-natured and Pakkun likes sitting on its head.

Kuro is a greyhound, who is slender and can run pretty fast with four long legs. Its head and neck are wrapped around with gauze online game Naruto.

Urushi is an Australian Terrier, with long and narrow eyes and the hair on its forehead looking like a bang, and it looks quite fierce when it bares teeth.
Akino is a corgi, who is so cool with its sunglasses.


Guruku is a Harrier and it wears two headbands, with one around its neck and the other on its forehead. Its whiskers is like Naruto’s and it once complained about Shino’s smell of bug.

Bishiku is a Redbone Coonhound, who is quite small, about the size of Pakkun, with a character which represents ninja on its forehead, and it is very talkative.
Shiba’s breed is still unknown but it looks like a Hyaenidae from its hair style.